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Genera muscorum sinicorum, pars prima / Zhongguo xianlei zhiwu shu zhi

By: (chinese editors)

Price: £32.00

Publisher: Otto Koeltz Science Publishers, Koenigstein, 1977

Edition: Reprint of 1963 edition

Entirely in Chinese, save for scientific names. View more info

Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea

By: (multiple authors)

Price: £48.00

Publisher: Annales Botanici Fennici (offprint), 1983-1986

Edition: Separately paginated articles

Some parts in photocopy, the majority being original offprints from the journal. View more info

Konspekt flory mkhov mongol'skoi narodnoi respubliki [A conspectus of the moss flora of Mongolia]

By: Abramova, A.L. & Abramov, I.I.

Price: £36.00

Publisher: Nauka, Leningrad, 1983

Edition: 1st edition

Little used. View more info

Unsere Moos- und Farn-pflanzen

By: Aichele, D. & Schwegler, W.

Price: £16.00

Publisher: Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1972

Edition: 5th edition

Pocket guide with monochrome photos covering the commonest species. View more info

Moss flora of Central America (vol. 2 only)

By: Allen, Bruce

Price: £70.00

Publisher: Missouri Botanical Garden, 2002

Edition: 1st edition

Part 2: Encalyptaceae to Orthotrichaceae only. vi, 699 pp., maps of countries and provinces on end papers. View more info

The mosses of New Zealand

By: Allison, K.W. & Child, John

Price: £32.00

Publisher: University of Otago Press, Dunedin, 1971

Edition: 1st edition

Scarcely used. 155 pp. View more info

Essai de bryogŽographique de la pŽninsule ibŽrique

By: Allorge, P.

Price: £24.00

Publisher: Paul Lechevalier, 1947

Edition: 1st edition

Discusses the vegetation of the Iberian peninsula and in particular its bryophyte component. View more info

The ferns and fern-allies of West Tropical Africa

By: Alston, A.H.G.

Price: £50.00

Publisher: Crown Agents, 1959

Edition: Supplement to Flora of West Tropical Africa, 2nd edition

Scarcely used; gilt title on spine. Owner's stamp on front pastedown. Fore-edge somewhat roughly trimmed. (2), 89 pp. View more info

North American Flora vol. 15 part 1

By: Andrews, A.L., Britton, E.G. & Emerson, J.T.

Price: £48.00

Publisher: New York Botanical Garden, 1961

Edition: reprint of 1913 edition

Originally issued in paper covers, but rebound in navy cloth. View more info

Handbook of mosses

By: Bagnall, J.E.

Price: £4.00

Publisher: Swan Sonnenschein, 1896

Spine broken. View more info

Mosses of Guatemala

By: Bartram, E.B.

Price: £48.00

Publisher: Fieldiana: Botany vol. 25, 1949

Edition: 1st edition

Originally issued in paper covers, but rebound in navy cloth. View more info

Manual of Hawaiian mosses

By: Bartram, E.B.

Price: £48.00

Publisher: Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 101, 1933

Edition: 2nd edition

Originally issued in paper covers, but rebound in navy cloth. View more info

Mosses of Dominica and Mosses of the Ecuadorian Andes collected by P.R. Bell

By: Bartram, E.B.

Price: £8.00

Publisher: British Museum (Natural History), 1955

Edition: Bulletin vol. 2 no. 2

Pp. 35-64; annotated catalogue, with descriptions of some new species. View more info

Northwestern Himalayan mosses II.

By: Bartram, E.B.

Price: £10.00

Publisher: Revue Bryologique et LichŽnologique t. 29 fasc. 3-4, 1960

Edition: 1st edition

Library stamp on front cover. Includes various other papers including Contribution to the bryophyte flora of Turkey by H. Robinson and R.K. Godfrey. View more info

Mosses of Guatemala

By: Bartram, Edwin B.

Price: £22.00

Publisher: Chicago Natural History Museum, 1949

Edition: 1st edition

Fieldiana: Botany vol. 25. 442 pp. View more info